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The Most High requires believers to follow five salah key. Perform prayers with persistence and perseverance. Those who fulfill this order diligently, AllahΒ  guaranteed to miss in Paradise. Those who do not follow the rule of the five salah, take risks. The Almighty can both forgive this sin and punish them.

The prayer schedule was worked out by people for many years β€” this pattern of salah prayers is time tested.

Prayer Times Today

The timetable for the five obligatory prayers in Islam:

  • Al-Fajr;
  • Al-Dhuhr;
  • Al-Asr;
  • Al-Maghrib;
  • Al-Isha.

These five salah must daily, throughout the day, be performed each in time. In the Islamic tradition, Mukallyaf is the name of mentally healthy people who have come of age. Women in the period of the menstrual cycle or those who have recently passed through childbirth are allowed not to follow this rule.

In the famous book Avsat, which is one of the pillars of Islam, Imam Tabarani transmits the words of Abu Hurayra: «The first obligatory prayer the Lord entrusted to the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him) is the lunch prayer.»

The lunch prayer was the first that the Prophet made: this further enhances it’s significance. 1.5 thousand years have passed since the time of the first lunch prayer, and Muslims around the world continue to perform it.

Among the features of the execution of five times prayer — following a specific schedule. The believer determines the time of prayer independently, therefore he needs to know the methods of determination. It is not necessary to begin a compulsory prayer before the time, which has historically been determined as the best for its execution.

In antiquity, Muslims determined the time of namaz on their own or following the adhan proclaimed from the minarets. Follow the adhan — a proven and reliable way, but what if the person is away from the mosque? Nowadays, many Muslims are guided by the Internet or special calendars. However, very often different sources offer different times of prayer. Moreover, not always a person has Internet access and a calendar at hand. Thus, most believers simply do not know how to determine the time to perform a particular prayer.

In order not to make a prayer out of tune with time, Muslims need to learn how to determine their own time for each prayer.

Remember: the prayer must be read at the appointed time, because the reward from the Lord is great. Salah that has been read on time determined as the best deed.