Leeds Prayer times today: salah time in Leeds for the month

Prayer time in Leeds for the month

01 06:2608:0512:5015:0517:3319:13
02 06:2808:0712:5015:0317:3119:11
03 06:2908:0912:5015:0217:2919:09
04 06:3108:1112:5015:0017:2719:07
05 06:3308:1312:5014:5917:2519:06
06 06:3408:1512:5014:5717:2419:04
07 06:3608:1712:5014:5617:2219:03
08 06:3808:1912:5014:5517:2019:01
09 06:3908:2112:5014:5317:1819:00
10 06:4108:2312:5014:5217:1618:58
11 06:4308:2512:5014:5117:1518:57
12 06:4408:2712:5014:4917:1318:56
13 06:4608:2912:5014:4817:1118:54
14 06:4708:3012:5114:4717:1018:53
15 06:4908:3212:5114:4617:0818:52
16 06:5108:3412:5114:4517:0718:50
17 06:5208:3612:5114:4317:0518:49
18 06:5408:3812:5114:4217:0418:48
19 06:5508:4012:5214:4117:0318:47
20 06:5708:4212:5214:4017:0118:46
21 06:5808:4312:5214:3917:0018:45
22 07:0008:4512:5214:3916:5918:44
23 07:0108:4712:5314:3816:5718:43
24 07:0208:4912:5314:3716:5618:43
25 07:0408:5012:5314:3616:5518:42
26 07:0508:5212:5314:3516:5418:41
27 07:0708:5412:5414:3516:5318:40
28 07:0808:5512:5414:3416:5218:40
29 07:0908:5712:5414:3316:5118:39
30 07:1108:5812:5514:3316:5018:38

This article is about the Prayer Times in Leeds. Information on the time of the beginning and end of the salah time for today, tomorrow and for the month of the current year. The time of the morning, afternoon, afternoon, evening and night prayers. A map of England coloured pink showing the administrative subdivisions of the country. The Leeds metropolitan borough area is coloured red.
Leeds is located in England. West Yorkshire.

Narrated Abu Al-Mahh (radhīAllāhu ‘anhu):

We were with Buraida in a battle on a cloudy day and he said, “Offer the ‘Asr prayer early as Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salam) said, “Whoever leaves the ‘Asr prayer, all his (good) deeds will be annulled.”

(Sahīh Bukhārī Vol. 1, Hadīth no. 528. Translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khān)

Leeds Prayer Timings

Schedule salah in the city of Leeds. The Salah.today service will help Muslims determine the time of the Fard salah in Allah:

  • when the Fajr prayer;
  • when to read the prayer Dhuhr;
  • when the beginning and end of the Asr prayer;
  • Maghrib evening prayer time;
  • time of salah night Isha.

Prayer times in Leeds are standard in the world, especially the fard prayer times.

Salah time in Leeds for the month.

Leeds prayer timings cannot be performed before its stipulated time.

Five daily prayers in Islam

Prayer is the duty of every Muslim. For each prayer Almighty Allah has set the time, so it is necessary to read the salt in this period. The best act is a prayer read on time!

  1. Fajr
  2. Dhuhr (midday)
  3. Asr
  4. Maghrib (sunset)
  5. Isha

Salah times Leeds, Prayer Times Salah times in Leeds. Prayer Times

Prayer Times in Leeds

With the help of the service «Salah.today» you can find out the time of the salah attacks in Leeds. Muslims of Leeds will be able to determine the time of the onset of all mandatory prayers in Islam: Fajr (read at dawn), Zuhr (read at noon), Asr (afternoon salah), Maghrib (read at night), Isha (read at night).

City Leeds:

  • Coordinates: 53°47′59″N 1°32′57″
  • W Coordinates: 53°47′59″N 1°32′57″W

Population (mid-2019 est.):

  1. City 784,800
  2. Rank 2nd
  3. Density 3,680/sq mi (1,422/km2)

The following timetable has been sourced from the Leeds Mosque and is applicable for Leeds – local variations can be found below the table.

I wish someone had told this to me before.. so here it is for someone who wants to pray more at night (means Optional)