Evidence of God in Islam, reasonable Proofs of Allah According to Islam

Does God exist? Who really created life and people?

October 23, 2021
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Here are some indisputable proofs of the existence of God, the Supreme Creator of people, of all things and life. Immediately I would like to point out that the words Truth, Axiom, Fact are synonyms that mean the same thing.

I Think like this all the time, when i read the quran or if someone tell’s me something about islam, then i sometimes do research and stuff to get more educated and get a precise answear.

He is the One Who created the heavens and the earth from nothing … (Quran, 6: 101)

Can’t the unbelievers see that Heaven and Earth were one and that We divided them and created all living things out of water? Will they not believe? (Quran, 21:30)

Evidence of God in Islam. Reasonable Proofs of God According to Islam.

Evidence of God in Islam, reasonable Proofs of God According to Islam

4 axioms proving the existence of God:

  1. ⇒ The first axiom proving the existence of Almighty God is the axiom of laws. Our universe is filled with many physical laws. For example, the law of gravitation, the law of universal gravitation, Ohm’s law, the law of friction force, Newton’s law, etc. If you lift any thing and release it, it will immediately fall to the ground. But has this object itself established for itself that it will be attracted to the surface of the Earth, or has the Earth established the law of attraction? Or maybe someone else established the law of attraction for the Earth and all objects? Similarly, you can give an example with all the other laws that operate in our universe. Who set all these laws? Our axiom indicates: «If there are laws, then there must be the one who established them.» After all, laws by themselves cannot be established. The question arises: who established all these laws of the universe? The only correct answer is God, the Creator of everything, Earth, Heaven and all life.
  2. ⇒ The second axiom proves the very existence of God. It is called the axiom of orderliness. For example, you came home one day and saw a terrible mess and disorder at home. The wallpaper on the walls is ripped off, the TV is smashed, the books are scattered, the computer is ruined. Of course, you will be frightened and leave your home for a while. After a break, you return to your house and see complete order in it. A new TV set and a computer have been installed, the wallpaper is new and everything is in a perfect order. The question arises: can order put itself in it? By itself? The axiom states: if there is an order, then the one who established or imposed it also exists. Now it’s worth looking into our organisms. Is there some order in them, or is everything located and functioning chaotically? If you look at the firmament, what can you see? You can observe a certain order: each Star has its own specific place! If you look into nature, you can also see the complete harmony! Your heart is orderly contracts its muscle at certain time intervals, and blood flows orderly through the arteries and veins! The entire universe lives in the complete order! Therefore, a reasonable and well-founded question arises: who established an order and ordered all the heavenly bodies and what is inside them? The only correct answer is reasonable — it is God.
  3. ⇒ The third axiom proving the existence of the Creator is the trace axiom. For example, if there is snow on the road, and then a car passes along the street, then in any case a trace remains in the snow. Now let’s transfer the example to life, the universe and people. Or we can take any object from those that surround us. Everything around us is a trace of someone’s work or activity. Music is a trace of the composer’s activity, a painting is an artist, a computer is a developer and engineers who put a lot of work into its creation, a book is a trace of the work of writers. And the list is endless. The third axiom, which proves the existence of God, indicates: “If there is a trace, then there must be someone who left it! The trail never appears on its own! Life is the trace that points to all of us the presence of the Creator.
  4. ⇒ Finally, the fourth, most interesting axiom, which is called the axiom of boundedness. Our mind is arranged in such a way that it can understand only the essence of three things: man, the created world and life. Our mind is able to cognize exclusively within the framework of these three parameters. What is a person, life and this whole world? If you disassemble a person, you can see that he is a completely limited creation and has a complete dependence on the factors that surround him. These are food, water, rest, etc. If we talk about life, then it represents a certain time period, which is given to a certain living being. And this segment also has limitations. Everything that exists, Heaven and Earth are also limited. Life is limited, mankind is limited, all material and non-material worlds are also limited. The fourth axiom indicates: “Limited things and objects are not capable of limiting themselves. They were limited by someone and gave them boundaries that they cannot go beyond.

Does God exist Islam. For a long time I'd felt that none of the youth atleast ever think about Islam and really life in a deeper way. Really raised my confidence. May the truth always be found. And may God bless you.

The question arises: who has limited everything that exists (heaven, earth and all worlds), life and people? There is only one correct and reasonable answer — the Lord. He Himself is not limited by anything, does not eat, does not sleep, does not need anything …
There is still a mass of evidence that prove to us the existence of the Creator of everything. For example, what is more complex in structure, a painting on a wall, or Heaven and Earth? Of course, everything that exists is many times more complex than a picture hanging on the wall. Question: «Can you think that this picture appears on the wall by itself?» Of course not. So, is it possible to assume that such complex worlds independently appeared and were ordered? There is only one conclusion — all these worlds were created by someone. And the only reasonable answer is that everything that exists was created by Almighty God, who is not limited by anything and does not need anything.

May the Almighty Creator make me and you constantly remember Him.

Modern  scholars sayings about God

Whoever does not want to see anything except by chance in this harmony, which is revealed with such obviousness in the structure of the starry sky, must attribute Divine wisdom in this case.

Astronomer Madler

We have seen the handwork of the Creator in this world, which is unknown to other people. Look into biology, look at any organ of the human body, or even the smallest insect. You will find so many amazing things there that you will not have enough life to study. It gives me and many of my co-workers the feeling that there is something great and beautiful. This Someone is the reason for the creation of the universe, and this Reason cannot be understood by us.

Dr. David R. Inglis, Senior Physicist, National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA

I cannot imagine the Universe and human life without some kind of meaningful beginning, without a source of spiritual «warmth» that lies outside matter and its laws.

Andrey Dmitrievich Sakharov, physicist

Faith begins with the knowledge that the Supreme Reason created the Universe and mankind. It is not difficult for me to believe in this, because the fact of the existence of a plan and, consequently, of Reason is irrefutable. The order in the Universe, which unfolds before our gaze, itself testifies to the truth of the greatest and most sublime statement: «In the beginning is God.»

Arthur Compton, the greatest physicist of the XX century, Nobel Prize laureate

The meaning and joy of my science come to me in those rare moments when I discover something new and say to myself: «So this is how God created it!» My goal is only to understand a small corner of God’s plan.

Henry Schaeffer, famous quantum chemist

In Surah Al-Mulk, the Almighty Creator says to humanity:

67: 3 He created the seven heavens, one above the other. You will not see any incongruity in the creation of the Merciful. Take another look. Do you see any crack?
67: 4 Then look again and again, and your gaze will return to you humiliated and weary.

Video — Using Logic and Science to Establish Faith: An Islamic Perspective

My journey to islam started with Christianity then judaism . I kept asking questions no religion but islam had , it truly is the truth. Alhamdulillah

My Journey to accepting Islam was also because I wanted to seek knowledge, all what I knew of Islam was academic based and it made sense to me. 🤲🏻 SubhanAllah

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I shall be looking at the Quran

I really enjoy it as a none believer the idea of logic behind it. I shall be looking at the Quran and see the enlightenment.

Get a precise answear

I think like this all the time, when I read the Quran or if someone tells me something about islam, then I sometimes do research and stuff to get more educated and get a precise answear.